Benet House Retreat Center

Benet House Retreat Center

Benet House Retreat Center at St. Mary Monaster

Upcoming Programs

Lectio Divina (virtual only): Lectio Divina is the foundation for Benedictine prayer. Consider making
it a steady prayer in your life. Slow sacred reading of Scriptures, poetry, nature, and art; the Word
of God comes to us in many forms. With contemplative reading, listening, and seeing, we can learn
to recognize the Divine Presence in all things. Join us each week to savor God’s voice in your daily
life and share with others. Tuesdays: Apr. 4, 11, 18 and 25; 9-10 am; Leader: Linda Clewell, SMM
Oblate. Fee: Free will offering.
Spiritual Authors Reading Group: (virtual) 1 st Tuesday each month. Next session: Tues. Apr. 4;
1:30-3 pm; Leaders: Sr. Bobbi Bussan, OSB and Lorene Knobbe. Fee: $15/session;
Break-a-way: Day of Prayer and Quiet: (onsite) Take time out from your busy! Join the
Benedictine Sisters on their monthly Prayer Day with a day at Benet House. Wed. Apr. 5; 9 am-
Opening Reflection (Optional); 3:30-Closing Prayer (Optional). Retreat Leaders: Benet House
Staff. Fee: $15; Bring own lunch or purchase one for $12.
Centering Prayer: (virtual) Wednesdays: Apr. 5, 12, 19, and 26; 1-2 pm; Leader: Carol Mizeur,
Benet House Volunteer. Free will offering.
The Word Among Us: (onsite) Apr. 10 and 24; 1-2:30 pm; Retreat Leaders: Sr. Mary Schmidt, OSB
and Lorene Knobbe, Benet House Program Assistant. Fee: $50 series. Participants order own
subscription to Word Among Us Publication.
Haiku II: (virtual and onsite) Haiku, a style of ancient Japanese poetry, is a spiritual practice of
paying attention to small things and honoring an insight into the sacredness of everyday life.
Participants will practice writing haiku, a sound structure of three lines (5-7-5 syllable count),and
then broaden it to see how a simple experience awakens the heart to a broader truth. Brevity is the
soul of a haiku. No writing experience is necessary. Bring an open heart, an attentive mind, and a
playful spirit. Haiku is a way of letting God know we are paying attention. Thursday, Apr. 13, 9:30-
11:30. Retreat Leader: Elaine K. Olson, an ordained pastor, certified Spiritual Director, and
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. Fee: $20 Virtual and Onsite
The Earth Speaks: (virtual and onsite) What is the earth saying to us? How can we listen more
attentively? This retreat will focus on the gratitude we have for God’s handiwork around us. We
will also listen to the pain the earth has and how we might respond with compassion. Learn
practical ways we can nurture our gratitude as well as respond to a hurting earth. Fri. Apr. 14, 4:30
pm-Sun. Apr. 16, 1 pm; Retreat Leaders: Boundless Compassion Facilitators: Sr. Bobbi Bussan,
OSB, Lorene Knobbe, and Jane Trasowech. Fee: Register and pay in full by Mar. 14: $225 (Single);
$215 (Dbl); $165 (Commuter); $125 (Virtual). Registrations and payments after Mar. 14: $240
(Single); $230 (Dbl); $180 (Commuter); $140 (Virtual).
Wisdom Women Series: Rejoice in and Discover Our Wisdom: (virtual) We will nurture our
Wisdom by reflecting on and discussing Wisdom in Scripture; Wisdom Women in the Bible and
throughout history; Wisdom Women today and our Wisdom. Articles, books, videos, and music will
inspire our discussion. 3rd Thursday each month. Next session: Thurs. Apr. 20; 9:30-11 am;
Retreat Leaders: Sr. Bobbi Bussan, OSB and Lorene Knobbe. Fee: $15/session; books purchased
on your own.

Men Seeking God: Come Away with Jesus: (onsite) Jesus took time away from crowds to reflect
on and pray for his ministry and life. The gift of quiet isn’t about being silent, but about quieting our
hearts, minds, and our busy lives. Like Jesus, we can step away to reflect, pray, and recognize more
deeply the Divine presence within us. This retreat will provide such an opportunity.
Thursday evening: We are One in Seeking God
Friday: OUR Head: Quieting our Minds
Saturday: OUR Heart: Opening our Hearts
Saturday evening: OUR Habits and Happenings: Peace Amid Busyness
Sunday: New Habits to Nourish
Thurs. Apr. 27, 4:30 pm-Sun. Apr. 30, 1 pm;
Retreat Leader: Rick Davis, Certified Spiritual Director and Benet House Staff.
Fee: Registration and full payment by Apr. 1: $250 (private); $235 (dble); $185 (commuter).
Registration and payment after Apr. 1: $265 (private); $250 (dble); $200 (commuter).
Spirituality and Poetry: (virtual) 3rd Thursday each month except for April. Next session: Apr. 27;
9-11 am; Retreat Leader: Lisa Breger. Fee: $25.

For more information and pricing:

Sr. Jackie Walsh, OSB

Phone:  309-283-2108