Benet House Retreat Center

Benet House Retreat Center

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Benet House Retreat Center at St. Mary Monastery

  • LECTIO DIVINA: WEEKLY PRAYER(Virtual only):  Lectio Divina is the foundation for Benedictine prayer.  Consider making it a steady prayer in your life.  Slow sacred reading of Scriptures, poetry, nature, and art; the Word of God comes to us in many forms.  With contemplative reading, listening, and seeing, we can learn to recognize the Divine Presence in all things.  Join us each week to savor God’s voice in your daily life and share with others.  Tuesdays weekly, 9-10 am; Leader:  Linda Clewell, SMM Oblate. Fee:  Free will offering.
  • Centering Prayer(Virtual only):  An ancient form of praying based on the words of Jesus, “When you pray, go to your inner room, close the door and pray to your Father in secret.” (Mt. 6.6)  Join others in a weekly practice of this method for fostering a deeper relationship with God. Weekly on Wednesdays or a separate group at Benet House.  Virtual Retreat Leader:  Linda Clewell, SMM Oblate; On-site Retreat Leader:  To Be Determined; 1-2:30 pm; Fee:  Free will offering.
  • Word Among Us (On-site only):  Read, reflect, pray, and share with other committed Christians seeking to grow through the challenges of Scripture in everyday life.  Using Word Among US, participants are encouraged to read and reflect on a Scripture passage each day.  Facilitator:  Sr. Charlotte Sonneville, OSB.  2nd and 4th Mondays:   Sept. through May;  Next sessions Nov. 8 and 22; 1-2:30 pm; Fee:  $50/series.  Participants order their own subscription to Word Among Us. 
  • The Psalms: Prayers for All Life’s Experiences:  The Book of Psalms is the heart of Benedictine prayer. The Psalms express a variety of life experience’s including pain, anguish, joy, and praise.  Leader:  Sr. Bobbi Bussan, OSB.  2nd Thursday of each month.  Next session: Nov. 11; 9:30-11 am; Fee: $15/mo.
  • 3 or 5-Day Directed Retreat (On-site only):  Participant will meet daily for an hour with a spiritual director who will guide your experience.  Space is limited so register soon!   Spiritual Directors:  Elaine Olson and Mary Kay Henson.  Dates:  Thurs. Nov. 11-Sun. Nov. 14 (3-day) or Thurs. Nov. 11-Tues. Nov. 16 (5-day). Time:  Arrival:  after 2 pm; Begins at 5:30 pm with Soup Supper-ends 4 pm on the last day. 3-Day Fee: Register/pay in full by Oct. 11:  $375 (private room, all meals, all direction sessions). Registrations/payments after Oct. 11:  $390.  5-Day Fee:  Register/pay in full by Oct. 11:  $515 (private room, all meals, all direction sessions). Registrations/payments after Oct. 11:  $530.
  • INVEST in Your Marriage (On-site only):  Are you looking to put a little pep in your marriage step?  Come and join Tony and Lorene Knobbe, St. Paul the Apostle church members, and INVEST in the time to be with your spouse.  This is a day of fun, intimate conversations, thought provoking activities, and deeper relationship building.  Presenters:  Tony and Lorene Knobbe-The Knobbes are dedicated to building stronger Christian Marriages, the core component of every faith community.  Date:  Saturday, November 13; Time:  9:30 am-3:30 pm; Fee:  Register/pay in full by Oct. 13:  $80/Couple.  Registrations/payments after Oct. 13:  $95/Couple.
  • Merton Group:   From his becoming a Catholic until his untimely death in 1968, Thomas Merton shared his evolving understanding of the vital issues of the world and the richness of different spiritualities.  Merton wrote over sixty other books and hundreds of poems and articles on topics ranging from monastic spirituality to civil rights, nonviolence, and the nuclear arms race.  Join Sr. Bobbi and others in learning about Merton’s life and writings.  Benet House is a member of the International Merton Society. Retreat Leader:  Sr. Bobbi Bussan, OSB.  3rd Monday of each month.  Next session:  Nov. 15; 6:30-8:30 pm; Fee:  $15/mo.
  • Wisdom Women:  Wisdom is the essence of the Divine within each of us.  Each month we nurture our inner wisdom by reflecting and discussing Wisdom in Scripture, Wisdom Women in the Bible and throughout history, and Wisdom Women today.  Articles, books, videos, and music will inspire our discussion.  Retreat Leaders:  Sr. Bobbi Bussan, OSB and Lorene Knobbe.  3rd Thursday of each month.  Next session:  Nov. 18;  11 am-12:30 pm; Fee:  Determined by individual’s wisdom. 
  • Spirituality and Poetry (Virtual only):  Looking for ways to enrich your spirit writing poetry?  All skill levels are welcome to join in the monthly ‘mini-retreat’ focused on connecting with the Divine through poetry.  Lisa will facilitate your learning, enhance your skills, or help you learn to write poetry for the first time.  Prayer and poetry are rich companions for Seeking God and a beautiful way to deepen your love of God.  Retreat Leader:  Lisa Breger, is an educator, writer, and award-winning poet.  She teaches poetry, spiritual journaling, and leads mindfulness and writing retreats. 3rd Thursday of each month; Next session:  Nov. 18; 9-11 am; Fee: $25;

For more information:  Sr. Jackie Walsh, OSB

Phone:  309-283-2108