Family Formation

Family Formation

A Whole Family Approach to

Learning and Living the Catholic Faith

The Family Formation Program at Holy Cross serves families with children in Grades K-5. It is a faith formation opportunity for the entire family. Families are supported and encouraged in their efforts to pray, worship, and grow in faith together as a Catholic family.

For families whose children are not enrolled in a Catholic school, Family Formation fulfills the need for religious education and sacramental preparation. However, all families with children in Grades K-5 are invited to come and be part of the Family Formation community.

For more information or if you would like to register for this year, please contact Gloria Fellers at 352-8748.

As a parent, you know the vital role you play in the education of your children.

However, you may not have considered how important you are to their religious education as well.

Children need the help and example of their parents for proper faith formation. Parents have a huge influence on the religious lives of children, both positive and negative.

Whether you’re trying or not, your example will shape the faith lives of your children.

Why not be informed and do it the right way? We can help you!

What is Family Formation?

Families in the program come together at Holy Cross once a month for direct religious instruction.

At these monthly meetings, there are classes for both children and parents to learn and grow in the Catholic Faith.

For the other three weeks of the month, lessons take place within the home. Families commit to spending an hour a week talking and learning about their faith together.

The Family Formation program provides written lessons with stories, games, questions, and crafts to guide your family time.

Why Family Formation works

The key to Family Formation is your direct involvement with your children as they learn and grow in faith. Family catechesis is proven to be the surest way for kids to learn the Faith a way that will stick!

Studies on the religious lives of teenagers show that adolescents are more involved and serious about faith when their parents take an active role. Parents who become an indispensable part of their children’s religious formation raise kids who are more religiously active.

Additionally, these same studies also show that religiously active teens do better in life on a variety of different levels than the less religiously active.

Despite what the media would have us believe, parents are still the most important influence on their children. Family catechesis takes advantage of this, and is quickly becoming the method of choice for religious education in both Catholic and Protestant circles.

You have an indispensable role

You as a parent are indispensable to the future faith life of your child. Family Formation puts parents in the driver’s seat to shape their children’s religious future in a positive way.

For more information on Family Formation, contact the Parish Office at 352-8748 or check out the Family Formation Headquarters website.