Automatic Contribution Program

What is Automatic Contribution Program (ACP)?

The Automatic Contribution Program (ACP) is an electronic direct deposit method that allows you to make contributions to the Holy Cross Church without writing checks.

Once you authorize the parish office to do the transfer, your contribution will be electronically transferred directly from your checking or saving account into the Holy Cross account.

How does ACP work?

In order to enroll in the ACP program, you have to sign an Authorization Agreement Form.

Click here to download the ACP Form and print it or simply pick it up at the parish office. Put this form with attached voided check in the Sunday collection basket or mail it to our office… and you’re done!

Your contribution will be deducted from your account once a month on the 5th of every month or on the next business day if the 5th falls on a weekend.

If you change your mind and want to adjust your contribution amount or cancel the deduction, it takes only a few seconds to complete the same form and circle one of the words: Change or Cancel.

Does ACP work for any kind of contribution?

Automatic Contribution Program works for the four main contribution envelopes:

  • Weekly Sunday offering
  • Development Fund
  • Tuition Assistance for Holy Cross School students
  • Tuition Assistance for St. Thomas More High School students

Place special offering envelopes such as “Mission Sunday” or “Campaign for Human Development” in the collection basket just as you’ve always done.

If you sign up for ACP, you will no longer receive the weekly Sunday collection envelopes. However, you will continue to get all the Special Diocesan collection envelopes, as well as Tuition Assistance and Development Fund Envelopes.

What are the advantages of an ACP?

  • It saves time and possibly postage.
  • It’s convenient.
  • No need for weekly checks.
  • Contributions will be traced on your bank statement’s itemized list of electronic transfers.
  • It helps our church to save money on envelope printing and mailing expenses.
  • It helps stabilize the budget with monthly certain income

ACP is safe, convenient, and takes the worry out of parish contributions. Stop bringing your checkbook to Mass and sign up today.


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