Pro-Life Committee News

Word from Joy

Well – We plan to be working with a new family with TWINS!  We will find out what they need. Also this last week one of our moms had the last of her teeth removed at the out-patient surgical center. She requested that I come with her, because she was comforted by my presence.  We were able to accompany her and provide her with needed items to make her recovery easier – gauze, pudding, jello and nourishing drinks as she starts with very soft foods/liquids until her mouth heals.  So far, so good and please keep this mother of 4 in your prayers!

The last couple of weeks we distributed 782 diapers to 5 families! WOW – that is a lot of diapers!  We give out diapers and pullups until the children are potty-trained!

Thank you again for the generous August/September donations to our committee – we appreciate the all the donations, big and small!  Thank you also to the folks who donate gift cards, diapers and other items.  We cannot do this work without you!  God bless you for your prayers and wanting to share your bounty with others!  We will help with a security deposit as soon as our second family finds a suitable home.

Prayers needed –  as our families navigate at-home learning for their children while still trying to maintain a working life.  We know this is stressful for all families trying to navigate the pandemic. It is especially hard for families who are under-employed or are families in need.


  • Diapers/pull-ups: we now need size 2t-3t pull-ups, 3-4t pullups, size 3, size 5 (not luvs) and 6.  Possible need for a tutor to help assist parents who have children attending school remotely.
  • Gift cards to Sam’s Club, Walgreens and Amazon so we can purchase needed diapers, pull-ups and toiletries for our families. We do give out Aldi gift cards to help with food security for our families.
  • Prayers – we appreciate it so much that people are praying for our ministry and for all the families we currently assist (and those families in our past too!). Please keep everyone associated with this ministry in your prayers – we cannot do this work without God’s grace, guidance and YOU!  THANK YOU!!  

How to help – on-line giving via Holy Cross Church – there is a separate category to direct any donation to Pro-Life. That will give us flexibility to help families in need. We also accept checks made out to Holy Cross Church – please put “Pro-Life” in the memo line. Any donations can be mailed to or dropped off at: Holy Cross Church, 405 W. Clark St, Champaign, Illinois 61820.

If you have any questions – please feel free to contact meat: or 217 359-8406 (home). Thank you and God bless you for your prayers and support.

Pro-Life Discussion Group – meets via Zoom every 3rd Monday of the month at 1 pm. Next meeting: October 19.  To join in on the zoom meeting  – please contact Joy (see above). This discussion is open to everyone. We discuss everything – from ethical vaccines to abortion to human trafficking to ethical medical practices and more. Pro-Life affects more than just abortion – and living a pro-life life helps inform and guide every decision.  We truly believe that every human needs to be treated fairly and with dignity, simply because they are human! 

This group is ecumenical – and that many of these women have come to want to be actively involved with Pro-Life issues after the Unplanned movie and the beautiful talk by Abby Johnson last Fall. they are all on fire and are all actively involved. We normally have a beautiful and lively discussion.

Please pray for an ethical vaccine for COVID-19.  Some current vaccines are built on aborted fetal cells.  Thankfully the new shingles vaccine is not – but the prior one was!

We hope and pray that when ever they come up with a vaccine, it will not involve aborted fetal cells in any way. We need to pray and be vocal and active on this to help our researchers build a vaccine that is ethical.

That is it from here.

Stay home and be safe.  I am so grateful to our priests who are doing a courageous job of making Mass, daily reflections and special events available (like drive-thru confessions and benediction etc)!!  so so great.

God bless you all.

Please take care.  And thank you,

Joy Pace

Holy Cross Pro-Life Committee