Online Giving

Online Giving

What is Online Giving?

The Online Giving is an electronic funds transfer method that allows you to make contributions to Holy Cross Church without writing checks. By using the Online Giving, you can schedule contributions to fit your financial situation and payment schedule.

How does Online Giving work?

Enrolling is easy. You can use your personal computer or upload an Online Giving application on your cell phone and follow these 5 simple steps to set up your account:

  1. Visit the Holy Cross Church website and click on the Online Giving Logo.
  2. In the right upper corner click on Sign in/Create Account
  3. Click on the Create New Account button.
  4. Enter your name, email address, and create your password.
  5. Sign in using your credentials.

While you are signed in, choose the contribution fund, frequency of your contributions, and the payment method. You can contribute weekly, biweekly, monthly, once a year, or make a onetime gift. There are two accepted payments methods available:

  1. Direct Deposit from your checking or saving bank account
  2. Credit Cards:  Visa & MasterCard and Discover

If you want to change the contribution amount or bank information, just log in and enter the new data. You can always cancel your authorization by deleting all credit card or bank account numbers.

Does Online Giving work for any kind of contributions?

Online Giving allows you to donate money for the main Church contribution envelopes, extra donations, and annual scheduled diocesan collections. The following funds are visible all year around:

  • Sunday & Holy Days Collections
  • Donations for Church
  • Development Fund
  • Tuition Assistance for Holy Cross School students
  • Tuition Assistance for St. Thomas More High School students
  • Donations for Holy Cross School
  • Pro-Life Donation
  • Vincent de Paul Society – Donations

Special funds for diocesan collections such as Mission Sunday or Campaign for Human Development are visible on the Online Giving platform only during the time period when the collections are due.

What are the advantages of Online Giving?

  • It is secure and confidential. No need to share personal financial information with parish staff.
  • It is easy to set up and extremely flexible. It allows aligning paychecks with offertory schedule and adjusts the contribution amount according to the financial situation.
  • It saves time and postage. There is no need for weekly checks.
  • Helps to fulfill stewardship commitments even when unable to attend church.
  • It helps church to save money on envelopes printing and mailing expenses.
  • It helps church to stabilize the budget with monthly certain income.
  • There is a possibility of taking advantage of credit card benefits such as cash bonuses or airline mileage.

Whom to contact in case of trouble?

Please contact Parish Office at (217) 352-8748 or send an email to Jola at